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theroyakash algorithms
theroyakash algorithms

Materials for FAANG and top startup coding interview and running notes on that. Made by theroyakash.

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This project is completely free and funded by @theroyakash and private sponsors.

What is this?

This material categorizes coding interview problems into a set of 12 patterns. Each pattern will be a complete tool - consisting of data structures, algorithms, and analysis techniques - to solve a specific category of problems. The goal is to build an understanding of the underlying pattern so that we can apply that pattern to solve other problems.

Complete guide and roadmap for SDE I and SDE II algorithm round.

Content overview

  1. Sliding Window Pattern, more is being added.
  2. Arrays and Strings (Coming soon)
  3. Recursion overview and recursion problems (more) coming soon
  4. Linked lists overview and problems
  5. Stacks overview and stack problems and Queues (coming soon)
  6. Binary Search overview and Problems (more coming soon)
  7. Trees overview and tree problem
  8. Graphs overview, graph bfs and dfs and Graph Problems,
  9. Heaps overview and heap problems and 2 heaps problems.
  10. Greedy algorithms
  11. Dynamic Programming
  12. Bit Manipulation (With C/C++) (coming soon)

Problem Counter

The following table is meant to represent the amount of problems has a full analysis in the website. Maybe incorrectly represented upto 1-2 problems.

Problem Concepts Number of problems with detailed solutions
Linked List Problems \(15\)
Binary Search (Interview Problems) \(27\)
Tree Problems \(26\)
Graph Traversals, BFS, DFS and applications \(3\)
Graph Standard Problems \(4\)
Graph Interview Problems \(8\)
Stack Problems \(12\)
Heap Problems \(7\)
2 Heap Problems \(2\) problem scheduled to be added
Array Problems \(25\)
Sliding Windows \(5\)
Array + Sliding window concept Problems \(4\)
Recursion Problems \(3\), more will be added soon
Dynamic Programming \(39\)
Greedy Algorithms 2
Total Number of Problems with Full analysis \(180\) problems with FULL analysis

Also Coming Soon

Few more freebies coming soon - Distributed Systems Book (expected 2027 Summer).

Other Products

See the freebies page to see more products available for free to use.

Who am I?

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If this image failed to load contact me at theroyakash[at]

I go by theroyakash on the internet. I am a computer scientist, a masters student in the department of computer science at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, with research in high-performance algorithms, data structures, distributed systems, and beyond. I am an upcoming software engineer at Microsoft, previously I was a SDE intern at Amazon India. See my work searching google for theroyakash and on Github.


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